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Pants, Skirt and Collar Extenders

"The Button" Pants and Skirt Waist Expander

Pant and Skirt Waist Expander

"The Button"

Great on Jeans

"The Button"
Purchase Below Great with Pant, Skirts and Jeans

Use with Pant and Skirts

Waist Expanders for Men and Women
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4 Pants or Skirt Expanders for $9.99
We Recommend "The Button" Virtually Indestructible

Welcome to relief!
Just slips over existing button to add one inch.
Gives added comfort from tight pants and skirts. Fits in seconds. No sewing required. Hides under your belt.
Virtually Indestructible
 Free Shipping in U.S 
We Recommend "The Button"
A Great Product for Jeans, Pants or Skirts
Free Shipping

Purchase yours today
Ideal for Women and Men

Change the waist size on your Jeans, Shorts, Pant, Slacks or Skirt. Everyone has moments when this device could come in handy! Ideal for temporary weight gain, travel or after a big meal. Just slips over existing button to add one inch. Virtually Indestructible. Transfers easily from one button to the next with NO SEWING!!! Don't buy a new Wardrobe? Don't suffer! Add an inch to your waistband or use two together for 2 inches! Give one to a friend, They will love it and you!




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