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Lucille Hutto Peeples Surnames

Ancestors of Minne Lucille Hutto


8. James Emory Hutto

11880 census records, Williamson County.

2Marriage Book for Travis County.

9. Margaret Hughes

1Head Stone.

2Head Stone.

10. John Carroll Flinn Dr.

11850 Census.

12. Elias Newman

11860 Census Lawrence County, Ms. page 81.

21860 Census Lawrence County, Ms. page 81.

3Mississippi Marriage Records - Lawrence Co. "lic issued 4-25-1850 book & page 3-39, 87."

14. William Alexander Hesskew

1William Alexander Hesskew's Birth Record is based on his Tombstone.

2Death Record on on William Aleaxander Hesskew is based on Tombstone.

HUTTO , James Emery b. May 08, 1824 - Founder of Hutto Texas

The Hutto Family - 0rangeburgh Carolina, Origins of the Family