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Pants , Skirt and Collar Expanders

Collar Extenders Pant, Skirt and Waist Extenders
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Pants and Skirt Extenders


Metal Waist Extenders with Spring. Gives added comfort from tight pants and skirts. Fits in seconds. No sewing required. Hides under your belt.
2 Metal Pants and Skirt Extenders Plus 2 "The Button" Waist Extender $12.49
Skirt and Pants Button
Waist Extender


4 "The Button" Pant and Skirt Extenders $12.49 Free Shipping US


4 "The Clip" Pant and Skirt Extenders $12.49 free shipping US and Internationally


The Clip, Just slips on your Clip button pant to add one inch.  The "Clip" works with Dress Pant with a hook n eye clasp.

Fits in seconds. No sewing required. Hides under your belt.  For Hook n Eye Clasp type fastners. Adds One Inch.

The Clip for Hook n Eys Fastners
The Clip for Dress Pants

Metal Collar Extenders
adds 1/2 shirt size to your shirt


Collar Extender

5 Metal Collar Extenders $12.49 Free Shipping

Need More ? Buy 10 or 20

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Customer Accolades

Wonder Button, Collar Extender, Collar Expander - however you wish to refer to these marvelous little devices, they are an excellent way to resolve that problem of your shirt collar being too tight. 

Why buy a new Wardrobe? This Ad will SAVE YOU MONEY!

Customer Accolades: This product really works! Saved me a bunch of money and the service was prompt and fast!

I bought your product for my husband for Father's Day, and he swears it's the best gift he's ever received!   Rebecca Wilson , Riveria, TX