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The Button Waist Expander

Collar and Waist Extenders for Sale

"The Button" Waist Button Expander
Virtually Indestructible

Add an Inch to your Waist and feel the Comfort!

No Sewing
Slips on and off - Add an Inch to Skirt or Pants

No Sewing



4 "The Button" Pants or Skirt Expanders for $12.49 - Free Shipping. We recommend this Product.

"The Button" Waistband Extender for Skirts and Pants
The Button loops over your existing button and extends 1" out with a new button! Unnoticeable and you wouldn't believe the difference 1" can make in your waistband! The Button is made of hard, durable plastic and fits over any standard jeans , slacks or skirt button.
Ideal for Women and Men




Generally we ship the same day, First Class Mail with Delivery Confirmation for all US orders


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