Marvin Schubert Surnames

Ancestors of Marvin Ray Schubert


4. Ferdinand Adolph Schubert Sr.

As a young man before Grandpa Ferdinand moved to South Texas, he used toattend dances at Greene Texas, now touted the oldest dance hall inTexas. I remember asking Grandpa how they duded up for dances in thosedays before they had the deodorants we have now days. He said that theydid not use deodorants although on occasion they might use corn starchunder their arms to restrict perspiration. He chuckled and said that inthose days before television came along and convinced us all that wesmelled, they didn't know they smelled. Grandpa Ferdinand knew all ofthe neighbors in the vicinity he grew up said Dad. Grandpa Ferdinandshared with Dad that he could run. He said he was the fast man around thearea of York Creek and Geronimo. Evidently Grandpa learned to do somerunning to get from one place to the other. Grandpa had a nick name"Squeaky" because of his shrill voice, although I nor any of the familyever referred to him as such. He was a loving and kind grandfather thatwas always polite and generous. Dad said Grandpa had a job at a plantduring the depression and worked the entire time. They were not lackingduring those days although times were rough for many families. Grandpaand Grandma Schubert helped other families and friends during the roughtimes as best they could.

5. Annie Belle Berry

I am not sure of Grandma's middle name's spelling. Bell or Belle

6. Hardie Homer Hutto

Uncle Tommy Flinn (, Hardie's uncle, Mary Jane's brother)and Aunt Doralived in Taft and helped grandpa get started. He and his wife are therelatives that were washed out into the bay during the hurricane of 1919and survived it. (The Unexpected Voyage, in my book, is based on thisincident.)


Claude Beard Jr shared with me in 7/98 that his father Claude and Hardiebuilt the house outside of Robstown on the old Home Place. He said thatneither one were carpenters and so Hardie hired a deaf mute carpenter tohelp them build the home. He said that when ever they had to communicate,that they would write on the lumber. He said the old house should havelots of stories to tell if it is ever dismantled.