Marvin Schubert Surnames

Ancestors of Marvin Ray Schubert


355. McDowell

Speer family genealogy indicates Margaret's Uncle was a McDowell

358. Phillip Fox

Will probated in 1796

378. Hans Michael Goodnight

killed by Indians bur. Pea Vine Creek, Lincole Co, Ky

"M" 18 April 1989, from Veda G Jones, a sheet of paper with on titlepage, the is numbered 372 5035 GUTIKUNST, MICHAEL, Saarbochenheim, jetztSaarunion/DtLo. 4Ps dch Wn. G--od WK 2517. U 1785 08 01 This does notappear to be our Hans Michael Goodnight!!(see George & Christian Notes)
Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Vol 1, 1727-1775 (from Midwest Library,Wichita, KS page 492, List 187 C) At the Court House in Philadelphia,Wednesday, the 4 October, 1752. Present: Joshua Maddox, Esquire. Theforeigners whose names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Neptune,Capt John Mason, from Rotterdam and last from Cowes in England, did thisday take and subscribe the Oaths and Affirmations to the Government inthe usual Form. #169 "second name on list, HANS MICHAEL (x) GOODKNECHT"
Family Tree Maker, CD#310, Census Index: Colonial America, 1601-17891995 BBroderbund Software Inc. Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA Hans MichelGutknecht, 1752***********************************************************
Hans Michael Goodnight was born someplace in Germany, he came to Americawith a wife and a known son, Christian (possible daughter), in the shipNeptune. Signed the Oath on 4 Oct 1752. His brother, Christian Gutknechtcame over first, on the ship Christian. He signed the Oath on 13 Sep1749, and settled in the neighbor of Germantown, PA. Another brother,George came in the ship Recovery, and signed the Oath on 23 Oct 1754.Michael left Pennsylvania, and was in Bedford Co, VA in 1755. Childrenborn to Michael and his first wife; Henry in 1757, Christopher, Samuel,Mary (Polly), Susan, Edward, Enoch, and George.
Note from page 291, of reference G G 27, William Moore Goodnight ofJohnson Co, MO, by Veda Goodnight Jones, last paragraph on page: "Onenote, reference not given, said, 'Johann Nicholaus Henrich Kress came toAmerica on Oct 4, 1752 on the ship 'Neptune'. He married a Goodnightgirl, but it didn't give her first name." She was perhaps, a daughter ofJohn Michael Goodnight who came to America on the same ship, same date.Another daughter called "Katy Landers in S H Goodnight's account of "TheGood(K)night, Gutknecht Family in America" may have been Catherine, thewife of Henry Landis, brother of Mary Landers (Landis), second wife ofJohn Michael." +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
A Family Group Sheet filed in 1938 with the Genealogical Library of theChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. Sentto Veda Goodnight Jones by Berta E Y Olsen, Phoenix, AZ and gave thefollowing information on the family of John (Hans) Michael Goodnight, b1721, Germany; d 1781 Harlem (Harlen) Station, KY. Married #1 Unknown, babt 1725. Married #2 Mary Landers, 19 Feb 1762. Children of Firstmarriage: 1. Christian, b 16 May 1747 (of Concord, Cabarrus Co, NC),married Catherine (Cook written in with pencil). d 1828. 2. Susan, b abt1751, (of Rockbridge, VA) 3. Edward, b abt 1753. (of Rockbridge, VA) 4.Enoch, b abt 1755. (of Rockbridge, VA) 5. George, b abt 1757. (ofRockbridge, VA) 6. Samuel, b 1760. (of Redding, PA) 7. Christopher, b abt1761, d 19 Jan 1852, married Diana Watson. (of Rockbridge, VA) A check ofland records etc in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia did not produceanything on Edward, Enoch or George Goodnight. Henry Goodnight listed onsome records as the son of Michael's second marriage is in fact a son ofthe first marriage, he was born in 1758 according to his RevolutionaryWar Pension Records. This was extracted from reference G G 27, page 291**************************************************************
May have lived a short time in Bedford Co, VA and Rockbridge Co, VAbefore moving his family down into Mecklenburg Co, NC Militia recordsshow that he was a Capt in David Moore's Co of Augusta Co Militia in1761. His first wife may have died in Rockbridge Co, VA.*************************************************************
On the 1 May 1764 Michael and his wife Mary Landis/Landers Goodnightpurchased a farm in Mecklenburg Co, NC ( also: Mecklenburg County CourtMinutes, Bk 1, 1774-1780) George Goodnight, Michael's brother lived nearby. In 1779 they both sold their farms and moved to Kentucky. Georgesettled at Ruddell's Station, about thirty miles northeast of Lexington,KY. In June of 1780, about 500 Indians and Canadians attacked the Fort.George and his son, Henry were killed, son's David, John, Michael, Peterand their sisters were carried away by the Indians. They lived to returnto their family after a time, and settled near Lexington. Michael and hisfamily settled at Harlan's Station, 35 miles southwest of Lexington inwhat was later to become Boyle Co, KY. .***********************************************************
DAR Magazine,, July 1927, under the heading, The Mecklenburg Militiasaid, " After this order, the tax assessors, tax collectors, constables,justice of the peace, road overseers, jurors and other public officers,were appointed for the different captains' comanies; and in making adigest of the records of the county from this date, and prior thereto, wefind the following as partial list of the militiamen of the county from1775 to 1785. The following list, therefore, only includes these personswho served the county in a public capacity and of which record is made onthe minutes of the court:" On this list was MICHAEL GOODNIGHT who servedas Constable in 1775 (Mecklenburg Co, NC). George Goodnight was Assessorin the same County for the year 1778. (see also: Mecklenburg County CourtMinutes, Bk 1, 1774-1780)***********************************************************
G G 27, pg 207, is a copy of the signatures on the Deed of Sale whenMichael & Mary Goodnight sold their farm in NC on 20 May 1774 for 105pounds. The purchaser was John Pfifer(Phifer). See also: MedklenburgCounty Court Minutes, Bk 1, 1774-1780.*********************************************************
Lincoln Co, KY Survey Book 1 1781 - 1783 page 67 "Surveyed 400 acres ofLand for MICHAEL GOODNIGHT by virtue of a premption warrant No 531Situate lying and being in the County of Lincoln on CHAPLINS FORK.Beginning at a Cherry Walnut and continue just above the mouth of theGORTONS FORK at the corner A thence North 280 poles to a buckeye tree &Walnut at the corner B thence West 229 poles to three Sugartrees at Cthence South 280 poles to a Buckeye Sugartree & Walnut at the corner Dthence East 229 poles to the beginning. April 28th 1781 Saml Henry astVariation 3 East James Thompson SLC
The family version of the removal to Kentucky and the killing of MichaelGoodnight by Indians is told in this manner: "After locating and buildinga cabin on his land near Harlan's Station in what later became MercerCounty, Michael Goodnight returned to North Carolina and then set outagain to Kentucky in July 1781, with his family and household effects.They were a caravan composed of other pioneer families, who were guardedby 30 armed men. No serious mishap befell the emigrant train until itarrived within half a day's journey of Harlan's Station, where a camp waspitched for the night. All was secure but at midnight the fearful cry ofthe savage was heard, followed by gun shots, screams and confusion.Michael Goodnight was killed in the first onslaught and his son, John,was severly wounded, but he succeded in making his escape. Mrs Goodnightwas expecting another child at the time. She fled into the dark forest.Many of the immigrants were massacred, but a few escaped to the stationwhere the alarm was given. A party was made up to search for Mrs.Goodnight and she was found two days later in woods lying prostate uponthe ground in a semi-conscious state, her face covered with a blanket.She was taken to Harlan's Station where four months later, Jan 1, 1782 ason, Isaac Goodnight was born. A curious circumstance, preserved in thefamily traditions, is that from his birth until the day of his deathIsaac could never go to sleep without covering his face" From History ofthe Goodnight Family in America by Mrs. W S Conover & Mrs. L F Ison,Printed in the Harrodsburg Herald, Harrodsburg, KY on Jan 18, 1973."Another version is that Michael and his son, John went back to NorthCarolina after the remainder of their goods which they packed on horses.The Indians came upon them in the night about a half a days ride fromHarlan's Station. Killing Michael outright and wounding John, but Johnmanaged to get to a horse and ride to the station and warn thesettlement. Later they came back and buried Michael where he died."
Lincoln Co Kentucky Records, Vol 2, Michael L Cook, C. G.; CookPublications, 3318 Wimberg Ave, Evansville, IND 47712 21 Jan 1783 pg 23Administration of the estate of MICHAEL GOODNIGHT, dec'd, granted to MARYGOODNIGHT who entered into bond with JAMES HARLAN and PATRICK DORAN hersureties. GEORGE CALDWELL, GEORGE HARLAN, WILLIAM LEWIS and GEORGE CLARK,or any three of them, to make appraisal of the estate. 15 Nov 1785 pg 194(132) JAMES HARLAN is appointed Guardian to ABRAHAM GOODNIGHT, JOHNGOODNIGHT, JACOB GOODNIGHT, ELIZABETH GOODNIGHT, RACHEL GOODNIGHT, SARAHGOODNIGHT and ISAAC GOODNIGHT, orphans of MICHAEL GOODNIGHT, dec'd, andhe entered into bond.
Lincoln Co, KY Appraisal Book 1 page 69-71 Sundry Articles belonging tothe Estate of MICHAEL GOODNIGHT which was not sold, which MARY GOODNIGHTwidow of said MICHAEL kept at the appraisment: to 2 mares apraised at 15each 30 - - 1 pair spoon mules 10 - Iron Wedges and malli rings 18 - 1pair steelyard 30pr 1 10 - a parcel of pewter L 5.10 5 10 1 steer 23pr 13 4 Cows s25 1 Bason 7/6 15 14 6 1 frying pan 1 iron pot 16 2 barrels 1churn 2 pailes 3 rasoos 1 hone & strop 5 _____________________
63 86 6 pg 70 spining wheel & boxc tubs & casks 1 14 1 saw 1 drawingknife & leather 1 5 1 pair spectikles old books 11 6 1 box iron 1 mowingknife 15 Powder & lead Beeswax 15 6 2 1/2 lbs brimstone 1 pair ciards 9 1womans saddle 15 1 raw cow hide 5 3 1/4lb steal 2 pieces old iron 1 1 9 1iron shovel 3 old baggs 12 Cash on hand 2 8 a note on Wm Dale for fortybushels of corn for which the administration agrees to allow 5 TenShillings due from JAMES GILMORE 10 ______________________ 83 8 3 I dohereby acknowledge that the article above pg 71 mentioned were not soldand that I kept them at the appraisment for my use. March 26th 1788 Test.Mary (her mark) FLANNAGAN John Cowan John Rodgers*******************************************************
Mercer Co, KY Deeds 25 March 1794 Christian Goodnight and his wife,Catherinah, of Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina, deeded to Jacob Goodnight,his interest in 167 acres, part of Michael's survey in Mercer Co, KY onChaplin's Fork.
The Goodnight (Gutknecht) Family in America, by S H Goodnight, 1980 and1981 Supplement. *****************************************************
Ref: G G 27, 'William Moore Goodnight of Johnson Co, Missouri 1875-1951,by Veda Goodnight Jones and Mabel Goodnight Stevenson, published 1983,private publication by Historical Publications of Oram, Utah.
Berta Ethel Young Olsen's work on the Goodnight Family, 1948***************************************************
Good(k)nights of the American Revolution, by Anita L. Goodnight, from theCharles A Cannon Memorial Library, Concord, NC 28025
G G 29, pg 12, lists a second son, Henry b abt 1769 in Mechlenberg Co, NCand mar to Elizabeth ?. This appears to be a double listing of the Henryfrom his first marriage to Unknown wife and I have not included thesecond Henry in children of his mar to Mary Landers Goodnight.**************************************************

424. Joshua Teague

The first seven children

Joshua is listed in the DAR as is his son Willliam.

Daughters of the American REVOLUTION

Joshua Service was listed as

SERVICE: Patriot : furnished supplies for men and horses, LaurensCountry, South Carolina

I had Dorothy Caldwell identified as the spouse of Joshua but receivedthe following information in 3/98.

Joshua Teague's wife was DOROTHY GAUNT not Caldwell. There is a letterwritten by one of her brothers to another naming Joshua as her husbandand mentioning most of their children by name.


Per Mike Pulsipher, Joshua had 5 other children who died in or afterchildbirth, names and dates unknown. Moved to Laurens County S.C. in 1771.

Was to have lived in Fredrick Co. , Virginia 1737-38

other researchers reflect death date as 12 5 1804

MAY 26, 1762


On File - Rowan County. North Carolina - Deed Book 4, Page 754

To all whom it may concern, I William Teague of Rowan County and Provinceof, North Carolina, send greeting. Know ye that I the said William Teaguefor and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bearunto Joshua Teague and also for other good causes and consideration, methereunto moving, hath given and granted, and by these presents do give,grant and confirm unto the said Joshua Teague, all my goods and chattel,lands, and all my other substance of what kind nature and quality so everthe same are, and in what place or places, soever the same shall befound, as well as in my own custody of possession, or in the possessionhands, power and custody of any other person or persons whatsoever, orall those goods and chattel in the schedule thereunto annexed mentioned:To have and to hold all and singular the said goods, chattel, landsdebts, and all other the aforesaid premises unto the said Joshua Teague,his executors, administrators and assigns, to his and their own properuse and uses forever: and I, the said William Teague all and singular theaforesaid goods, chattels, premises and, to the said Joshua Teague hisexecutors, administrators and assigns, against all persons do warrant anddo forever-defend by these presents, - In witness whereof I do hereuntoset my hand and fix my seal this 26th day of May in the year of our Lord1762.

H is H is
John (X) Swaim William (T) Teague
Mark Mark

Elijah Teague
William Swaim

North Carolina Rowan County - July Term 1762

This is to certify that the within Deed of Gift was proved in Open Courtby the Oaths of John Swaim, and recorded in the Clerks Office of RowanCounty according to Law. Let it be registered.

John Frohock C.C.

This document and the one that follows is the proof that Joshua Teague(1732 (?) - 1804-8 (?) is the son of William Teague (1693 (?) - 1775 (?)

Page 81

Excerpt from Teague Family Magazine

425. Dorothy Gaunt

Joshua Teague's wife was DOROTHY GAUNT not Caldwell. There is a letterwritten by one of her brothers to another naming Joshua as her husbandand mentioning most of their children by name.


426. John Miller

Laurens County , South Carolina 1785-1820

Deed Book K,96(1). 3/11/1815-6/5/l8l5.Wm & Eliz TEAGUE,Jos. & RebeccaCASON,Jas MILLER(all of Wilson Co,Tenn),Sally wife of John CASON, JaneWife Zebulon MATHIS,Ann W. Abrhm JOHNSON,Geo Miller,Polly W Jusua SMITH,John,Anderson & Wm MILLER, 11 ch of John MILLER decd died intestateleaving w Sarah & 11 named Ch to Geo MILLER for $1000, 4 tr on BushR:l)where John MILLER resides adj Joshua & Elijah TEAGUE,Fredk FOSTER, WmNEILL,Heirs of KIRKLAND;2)adj David MAYSON,Danl MATHIS,Job MAYSON, convto sd J.M.. by John CLARK SLD 1810;3)410 a. gr to Chris MARTIN inEdgefield Dist on Sleepy Cr conv to Sims BROWN to sd J M decd;4)lOO a. onBush R in Newberry Dist cony by John JONES to sd J M in 1807. Wit: LeviWOOD,A. MILLER. Pr: Wm NEILL,JP. Affidavit of Arthur HARRIS & IsaacWINSTON JP of Wilson Co. Tenn, also Pr. of John ALLCOM of same.