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1696. Edward Teague

He was born in 1659. He died on 3 Sep 1697 MD.
1998 Bob Ballard

Edward Teague 1655-1696 was from Bristol England and paid passage to
America on the ship Thomas Jones in 1675. He settled in Cecil County Md
where he bought 290 acres of land naming it Teague's Delight. His son
William Teague 1693-1762 sold his fathers land in 1714 at age 21. He
migrated to Frederick Co VA in 1737 and later to North Carolina in 1751
Ref is internet Kipp Teague's family Genealogy--US GENWEB FOR NORTH
CAROLINA--BUNCOMBE CO. check out this site for more info on this family.
Could not find a marriage for these guys. I think that they also lived
in New Castle Co DE May have married over there.

Edward Teage, Tegg or Teague (ca 1660 (?) - 1697)

of Cecil County, Maryland
( taken from the Teague Family Magazine from the 1970s)

We consider Edward Teague to be the first known identifiable ancestor ofa great majority of the Southern and Mid-Western Teague families, basedon the re-cords and published herewith.

The spelling of the name Teague as well as other names in the early daysof this country varied considerably from time to time and place to placeas such spelling was based on the pronunciation and the possible guess ofthe recorder of these documents. In some instances the person knew thecorrect spelling of the name, but as the educational level of the earlysettlers was considerably limited because of an almost non-existentschooling available; many of the settlers were not able to read or write.
Edward Tegg's name was transcribed in the records in 1675 as Teage, in1695 as Tegg, and was corrected by his son William Teague in 1714, eventhough William was unable to sign his own name, but it is evident he knewhow to spell it.

The earliest known record we have located on Edward Teague is containedin the Hall of Records in Annapolis, Md. in the "Index to Early Settlers"(1630-1680). Volume 2. This reads as follows:

June 8, 1675
"'Eodem Die (this day) Thomas Jones proved his right to two hundred andfifty acres of land for transporting himself, Edward Teage, JohnEdmonds,Sr., Rebecca Edmonds, John Edmonds, Jr. into this Province toinhabit".'

The question, where did Edward Teague come from? Was he transporteddirect from England, or was he brought into Maryland from the EasternShore of Virginia where some earlier Teague's had settled? The recorddoesn't say but in checking on Thomas Jones, the person who transportedhim into Maryland we find he, (Thomas Jones), was a mariner from Bristol,England, a trader and sheriff of Somer-set County, Md. In 1672 he wasgiven exclusive rights to trade with the Indians in St. Mary's County, Md.

We believe Edward was 15 when transported into Maryland; that his year ofbirth was in the neighborhood of 1660. As to the names of his parents,the Association hasn't let up on the research. We have several goodleads, but nothing definite that we can prove by the records.

The second record on Edward Tegg (as was spelled in these documents)relates to a Warrant Patent of 300 acres of land in Cecil County, Md., aslaid out in two tracts by Thomas Coursey, Deputy Surveyor, one for 130acres dated August 25, 1695, and the other for 160 acres dated August 26,1695. These were recorded in the Land Office in Annapolis, Md. Ten